Beginning An Account Guide


Once you start an account, you get to decide what you look like. You then go through Tutorial Island,

where different npc's teach you how to do most of the simple skills. You are then teleported to the main game.

 You start in the city of Lumbridge. (You can find a map at


There are many different skills on runescape. Here is a list of some of the skills: Attack, Defense, Strength, Magic, Prayer,

 Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, Fletching, Ranging, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Herblore, Slayer, Runecrafting,

Agility, Thieving, and Crafting. You can raise these by practicing them or doing quests that involve that skill.



Quests are things that you do to help npc's. (Computer controlled characters or Non Player Characters) You start a quest by talking to a certain npc. You then do

 what is needed and you will get a reward. Some are easy, and others are hard. These are very important in the world of runescape.


Common Places

A bank is a building in which you can deposit items so you can carry more in your inventory. A general store is a very common

 store that always has some simple items, as well as things people sell to it. It buys for less then a specialty

store and sells for more. Specialty stores sell only a certain type of item, such as shields or food. A church is where you can recharge prayer points.


Fighting other monsters and players is very important. It is the main way to raise your combat or overall level.

 Other people will see your combat level when they hover their mouse over you. It is possible to

 find the level of all creatures that can fight. When you start a fight as a knight, you can either fight

accurately, aggressively, defensively, or controlled. Each type will give exp to a different stat When you defeat an

enemy they will drop some items and give you experience. See the tip sites for lists of monsters.



There are guilds for various skills scattered around the world of runescape. You can only enter buy

having a high enough level in the skill. Inside there are usually something useful for that skill. The only

 guilds that I am in are the Champions Guild, for which  you have to have at least 32

 quest points from quests to get in, and the Cook's Guild, for which you need .


The Wilderness is a place to the very north of the map. It is the only place where you can attack other "real" players.

It starts at lvl. 1. That means you can only attack players within one combat level of your own. Next, it goes to lvl. 2,

where you can only attack people within 2 combat levels. And so on and so on. Deep in the

wilderness, there are strong monsters, Runite rocks, Valuable items, and mysterious places.


If you pay $5.00 a month, like I did, you can become a member of runescape. As a member, you get

new skills like Herblore, Agility, Slaying, Thieving, and Fletching. They also get the strongest metal,

 Dragon. Members get at least twice as much map, more than twice as many quests, Hundreds of new items, and loads more bank space.



Three Main Player Types

In runescape, there are three main types of players. They are Archers (High Archery), Mages (High Magic), and

Knights (High Attack/Strength). There really is no difference between them, it just depends on

what their higher skills are. I personally am a Knight who uses magic every now and then.


To make things easier, I will explain the different aspects of the game from the point of

each of the three main types. I will talk about their specialized armor, weapons, etc.




Weapons And Armor

 For knights, there are different types of metal. They are, from weakest to strongest: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black,

Mithril, Adamantite, Rune, and Dragon. (Note: Dragon does not apply to following info.)


Some of the different types of armor and weapons that you can have, each made out of a certain type

of metal above, are: Large and Medium Helmets, Kite and Square Shields, Leg and skirt  Armor,

 Plate Body and chain Armor, Dagger, Mace, Scimitar, Short Sword, Long Sword, Battle Axe,

and Two Handed Swords made out of these metals. You can either buy these or mine rocks and smith the

 ores into bars, and then smith them into these items.



Knights are strong against Archers, but are weak against Mages. Knights are probably the most

common category. One major advantage that they have is that they don't have to keep buying new arrows/runes, they

just fight with whatever weapon they currently have.




Weapons And Armor

Mages wear robes instead of armor, and since they use runes to cast spells, they only main weapons

they would use would be staffs or battlestaffs. These take the place of a certain type of rune.

Mystic armor and Splitbark armor are two types of members-only mage armor.


The rune types are: Mind, Body, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Nature, Cosmic, Law, Chaos,

Death, Blood,  and Soul. The four staffs are: Staff of Air, Staff of Fire, Staff of Water, and Staff of Earth.

The five battlestaffs are Air Battlestaff, Water Battlestaff, Fire Battlestaff, Earth Battlestaff, and Magma Battlestaff.



The runes are used to cast spells. You can use another skill, Runecrafting, to make runes for use in magic.

Soul and Blood runes are members-only.



Mages are strong against knights but weak against archers. There are many mages and knights in the wilderness, so it is easier to be a mage

in the wilderness than a knight. One disadvantage mages have is the fact that they have to carry around all of the

different types of runes, taking up a lot of inventory space, since they can't equip it. Another disadvantage to free

mages is that they hardly have any good armor to choose from.




Weapons And Armor

For weapons, archers either use Longbows, Shortbows, or Crossbows. Longbows and

Shortbows, when wielded, prevent the use of a shield. Longbows and Shortbows can be made out of

any of the different wood types: Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, and Magic. Magic bows and yew bows

are members only.  Longbows and Shortbows fire arrows with heads made of any of the metals listed in the Knight's section.

 Free players can't use rune arrows. Crossbows, however, are either only normal, or Phoenix,

which is used for a quest. Crossbows can fire normal bolts, Pearl-tipped bolts, opal-tipped bolts,

and Barb-tipped bolts. Free players can only use normal bolts.

Archers can wear leather armor, which is evil, or Dragonhide. Free people can only wear green dragonhide,

but there really is Green, Blue, Red, and Black Dragonhide armor.



Archers are good against mages, but weak against warriors. Archers can, however, use

the terrain to their advantage and hiding behind fences, tables, etc. One disadvantage to

free archers is that they cant use Fletching, the members-only skill to make Arrows. Therefore,

they have to buy their arrows at really high prices. Even though they, unlike free mages, have

access to one good kind of armor, green dragonhide.


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