Source Code


MercyComic Webcomic Engine - This is the simple, light-weight php webcomic backend that I've written for doombat. It consists of a comic viewer php script, a password-protected comic upload page, and a few data files. Feel free to use it for your own webcomic sites! All you need is access to a web host where you can run php files. All of the instructions/setup variables are in the two php files - read through the top of each, and set a few variables, and you're ready! Haha, here is the dog that this is named after.
Download the engine here:


Battleship - a simple, command-line version of Battleship that I made. Fun.


BlackJack - a single-player version of BlackJack with AI opponents.

BlackJack TCP - yayy! It's a networked version of BlackJack! You can host a server, and play against other real players over the internet! Or you can play against AI opponents. Enjoy.

Game Downloads

All of our finished game downloads can be found from the games page.


BetaGame - the second version of our Python battle-rpg game. It's still not really finished, but you can look at it if you want.