Good Software

Yay, here I get to write about and link to various programs that I use and enjoy.

Ubuntu - Ubuntu is a version of Linux, the best operating system EVER. Get it. Now. Er, I mean... Yeah. My home server runs ubuntu, and my main computer dual-boots ubuntu and OS x. And I have like three other servers running ubuntu around the house. Anyways, linux is basically safer, faster, more customizable, and faster than windows. So get it. Haha.

Paint.NET - as I said on the art page, I use Paint.NET for all of my graphical work. It's like Photoshop, but free and better. Use it.

Audacity - I use this for any kind of audio recording/editing. Free, open-source. Useful.

Firefox - an amazingly good web browser, wayyyy better than Internet Explorer. I've been using this exclusively for years. Hundreds of useful plugins and themes, so you can customize it however you want. Yay!

Open Office - a free office suite that, in my opinion, is better than Microsoft Office.

Folding@home - this distributed computing project from Stanford aims to model protein folding in an attempt to understand disease. I usually have it running on at least one of my computers.