Voodoo Dolls and Urban Sprawl

My second concept EP! Go listen to it! I think it's pretty cool! Check out the official page for it here for more information and free download links!

Midnight Path (EP)

YAYYY! I actually did something productive for once! Anyway, I've recorded an EP, Midnight Path. Check out the official page for it here for more information and free download links!

My Band

I play the drums in a band called The Jupiter Gang, and it is pretty awesome. You can find information and song samples at our Facebook Page or our Myspace Page. As far as I know, we don't have an official album out yet, but we were working on one, and have enough original songs to make one. Unfortunately, we don't have a singer anymore, and haven't practiced in FOREVER, so I really wouldn't count on it.

Update: Yeah, the band is pretty much dead. So, I decided to let you guys listen to three of our better songs!
  • Santana Ultimo - this one was really fun to play - I was sitting at the drum set, with bongos in my lap, switching between them when it got to the transition.

  • Tiki Two - Patrick wrote this one. It's pretty relaxed.

  • Take the Stand - Carrie actually sang on this one! Yay!

Music I listen to

Favorite bands:
  • Pink Floyd
  • Radiohead
  • Arcade Fire
  • The Beatles
  • Muse
  • Portishead
  • Taylor Swift
  • Cascada
  • Green Day
  • Massive Attack
  • My Chemical Romance
You can read more about all of my music tastes and charts at my last.fm page. And my Pandora page, even though I use that slightly less often.

Old stuff I've made

If you REALLY wanted to, you could go listen to two albums of songs that I made a long time ago. They are really really bad though, and I don't know why you would listen to them. Oh well. Here they are.

Also, I was really bored one weekend, so I decided to record an instrumental cover of Taylor Swift's Love Story. It's really really rough, and I only reocrded like one track of each of the bass parts. so it's bad. But, if you do want to listen to it, here it is.