Games I've Made

I used to spend a lot of time programming games, even though I haven't really made any recently. A (somewhat-recent) listing of the games can be found here along with a short description of some of them. In my opinion, the best ones are:

In addition, you can find the source code for some games I've made in C++, C#, and Python on the Downloads page.

Games I Play

The three main computer games that I still play are Unreal Tournament 3 (username rabidcentipede), The Sims 3, and Guild Wars (username Karashim Nargoth). At various other points I'll pick up Team Fortress 2, Quake 3 Team Arena, Portal, The Sims 2, Clannad, Starcraft, Myst, and Minesweeper. For console games, I mostly play Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee, Okami, various Legend of Zelda games, DDR, Kirby Air Ride, and Mario Kart.

Video Game Reviews

Occasionally, I'll write a video game review. Most of them can be found on the blog here, and an archive of the older ones can be found here.